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The Awake With Jake Show

Nov 30, 2019

Welcome to episode #129! Why Most Men Cannot Have Her!

The reason why most men will never be able to   align with a divine feminine woman, is because it requires him to help lead her deeper into her heart than she can do herself. To be in his divine masculine it requires him to be more still than she is, breathing deeply into his being. He has to be rooted in his core of who he is and why he is here. To be a safe container for her waves of feminine energy to express herself freely, without trying to fix her. Most men cannot handle the power of the feminine energy, so they push it away. They repress it and try to control it. It is a constant practice to train yourself, to help her feel safe, so she can rest fully in her feminine within the relationship.

We are confused by this false masculine energy. Which is dominating, controlling, forceful, aggressive and abusive. It’s destructive and repressive of the feminine energy.

Sacred masculine energy is safe, supportive, guiding, present with an open heart. It merges with the feminine energy. Respecting her magnetic feminine wisdom and radiance.

There is an imbalance within our world is because the repression of feminine energy within all of us. It is a constant practice to not react out of impulse, anger or fear.

5 ways to step into Sacred Masculine energy:


1. Breathe deep.

2. Soften the front of your body.

3. Be still.

4. Look her directly in her eyes and allow her to feel your open heart.

5. When you feel the deep connection, reach out and place your hands on her shoulders. If you feel an emotion arise, keep looking into her eyes.

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Sending you ♥️