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The Awake With Jake Show

Dec 12, 2019

Welcome to episode #132!

Stage 1: The Birthing Phase (welcome to earth school)

Stage 2: The Crawling Phase

Stage 3: The Rebirth

Stage 4: Taking Flight

From personally going through all of these stages and sometimes having to revisit a previous stage, I speak from experience.

It’s important to remember that we are ALL at different stages. We are all operating on different vibrational timelines.

Breathe. Take it all in and ENJOY each stage of life you are in. Because if you can’t enjoy the current stage, you won’t appreciate or ENJOY the next stage.

We are all here just helping each other to awaken. Don’t judge others for where they are or aren’t. Just do your inner work and that will inspire others to become more loving and compassionate.

Which stage are you at?

Go to to apply!

I send you infinite love and healing🙌♥️