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The Awake With Jake Show

Dec 16, 2019

Welcome to episode #133! 

1. We are unavailable to our own heart and have cutoff our connection to love.

2. We are still carrying abandonment wounds and it's being mirrored back to us.

3. We live in our mind and have numbed ourselves to receiving love.

4. We are unconsciously modeling our parents unhealthy relationship to please them.

5. We fear being alone so the universe is sending us people to learn how to love ourselves first.

I have personally struggled with this for most of my life because I was very numb. I was cutoff to my heart because I had closed my heart as a result of all of the trauma I experienced.

When I started healing myself, my heart slowly began opening back up. It was a slow and grueling process but very worth it.

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Sending you infinite love! ♥️🙌