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The Awake With Jake Show

Aug 3, 2018

Welcome To Episode 16!

Josh is a 6 year NFL professional athlete. He served his time growing up in Dallas, TX where he would soon earn a full-ride scholarship to the University at Buffalo. After that he went on to play for Dallas Cowboys and multiple other NFL teams. During his 4 year attendance, Josh met his now bride, Shonnie Thomas, sharing their life with two amazing children and a fuzzy animal residing in the greater area Dallas Ft. Worth area.

He is passionate about ending hunger in America and helping others realize their deepest gifts.

To learn more about residential investors and expert realtors, Josh and Shonnie (The Thomas Team), visit There you will find their immense passions which include real estate, family, community, and active lifestyle design intended to help people smile while striving to become their best.

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