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The Awake With Jake Show

May 16, 2020

Welcome to episode #170! Why Does She Get Used By Men?

When a woman feels used by a man it’s because she’s not rooted in her receptive feminine energy. She allows these wounded boys to enter her life, get what they need and fly away like Peter Pan. When she learns her worth, she will attract a sacred masculine man that will be giving of his depth and presence.

  1. She doesn’t know her worth
  2. She feels obligated to take care of these men
  3. Ignoring red flags.
  4. They are mirroring back her inner wounds
  5. She was never been shown healthy masculine energy
  6. She doesn’t feel safe resting in her feminine so she takes on the masculine role

The healing course for masculine and feminine energies course opens Monday, 5/18

Sending you love!