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The Awake With Jake Show

Jan 29, 2019

Welcome to episode #53!

Negative energy? Resistance? Frustration?

I believe these are all things brought to us, to teach us. They are the energy that we get to work with in that moment. The contrast we experience in life, helps us uncover more of who we are. We come deeper into soul awareness.

Think about the times in...

Jan 25, 2019

Welcome to episode number 52!

Dr. Nicole LePera trained in Psychology at Cornell University and The New School for Social Research in New York City. She practices as a holistic psychologist and is founder of the Mindful Healing Center in Philadelphia. Her work addresses then connection between the mind and body and...

Jan 22, 2019

Welcome to episode #51!

On this episode I dive deep on what it means to be an awakened man vs. a wounded man. I choose to live in my spiritual heart. I was once a wounded man. Now I acknowledge my feelings and go deep into my soul.

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Jan 17, 2019

Welcome to episode #50! 

Elana Meta is a beautiful soul!

"With over 15 years of intensive training through different embodiment techniques, indigenous teachings, healing modalities and personal development work, I have been gearing me up to hold and amplify the power of our wild-pleasure and unleash it to...

Jan 13, 2019

This is a guided mediation to help you let go and heal the past!

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