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The Awake With Jake Show

Apr 30, 2019

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Apr 23, 2019

Welcome to episode #70! This is a guided mediation to help you release and heal.

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Apr 19, 2019

Welcome to episode #69!

Have you ever experienced pain so bad that you closed your heart down and never wanted to open again because of it? This episode is for you.

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Apr 15, 2019

Welcome to episode #68!

Anahata Ananda is the founder of Sedona’s Shamangelic Healing, Anahata Ananda blends the compassion and tenderness of an Angel and the wisdom and strength of a Shaman to guide profound journeys of core healing and spiritual awakening. As a Certified High-Performance Coach, Shamanic Healer and...

Apr 9, 2019

In this episode I share a post that I made for Instagram and go deeper into each of the 4 steps to heal the abandonment wound.

1. Start acknowledging your shadows and stop avoiding them. By bringing them to the light, you start to release them.

2. Start healing your emotional child that has been abandoned. Give your...