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The Awake With Jake Show

Jun 30, 2019

Welcome to episode #84! This is a short episode to allow you to gain insight on why its important to not change people!

Sending you love and healing!

Jun 25, 2019

Welcome to episode #83! This is from a live soul work session that I did on Instagram!

Jun 20, 2019

Welcome to episode #82! If you do this exercise, tag me on your instagram story! _jakewoodard

Sending you love!

Jun 11, 2019

Welcome to episode #81! 

On this episode we will be exploring deep into your psyche to heal your wounded inner child and release the pain.

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Jun 6, 2019

Welcome to episode #80!

The post from instagram:

The last couple weeks has felt like your emotions have been thrown in a washing machine. You’re not going crazy. You’re experiencing a deep cleansing. The disruption that you feel within your life is the old patterns and programming being cleared out. New levels of...