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The Awake With Jake Show

Dec 22, 2018

Welcome to episode #44!

What's holding you back most in life?

I believe the fear of judgement, holds us back greatly. We care so much what other people think about us and it paralyzes us from ever taking a step forward. 

Here's, my are the biggest judge of all. No one will abuse you more than you abuse your own self. So why not be loving toward yourself? Why not look for positive things about you that you love?

Beating yourself up all of the time doesn't serve your highest good. It also holds you out of vibrational alignment. And here is the kicker...The Universe will send you people that will judge you based on how you judge you. So if you are hard on yourself, those energies will be amplified by others that you attract.

So I invite you to give up judgement. Give up comparison.

Sending you love and abundance...

-Jake Woodard