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The Awake With Jake Show

Oct 28, 2019

Welcome to episode #119!

In this episode I answer a question from a listener...

Hi Jake,

"I just recently discovered your content here on Instagram on masculine vs feminine energy and it’s been eye-opening.

I love my partner but i feel like he’s often more in his feminine energy, lacking focus/direction, not always taking responsibility where he should which always ends in me picking up the ‘backback’ for him by trying to help motivate him or just doing the work for him. It pushes me to step more into my masculine energy and throws off the attraction we have. I love him with all my heart and want to find a way through this. I want to talk to him about this masculine-feminine dynamic without hurting his feelings or making him feel like he isn’t manly enough. How do i approach this?"

1. You cannot do the work for him or anyone. When you do this they never learn.

2. What is your relationship with your own masculine/feminine energy?

3. Give him praise when he does masculine things. This is a reward for him to do more. With appreciation everything grows.

4. Tell him why you don’t feel safe instead of telling him to be more manly. Tell him your deepest hearts desires. Write them out and get clear. Divine feminine speaks her truth with love.

One final tip! Do not challenge him. This will kill sexual attraction.